When a Deal Is More Than Just a Deal

A new collective employment agreement has become effective at TSU as of January 1, 2017. This document is the second in order of importance after the University Charter. It was passed at the staff meeting in November 2016. According to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, a collective employment agreement regulates social and labor relations between employers and employees. It may be issued for no longer than three years. Despite the fact that the previous agreement could be extended for three more years, we decided to renegotiate it, regarding changes in the Labor Code. 

Собрание трудового коллектива Коллективный договор

We worked on the draft agreement for about a year. We sent letters to all the university’s departments and invited our employees to make suggestions and changes if necessary. All suggestions were discussed at the trade union committee meeting and most changes were accepted. The whole structure of the agreement was changed, and new paragraphs such as “Labor hours and rest time”, “Employees’ obligations”, and some other sections appeared. Despite severe economic conditions, we succeeded not only in keeping the arrangements we had in the previous agreement, but also in establishing some new security measures for TSU employees. For example, an employee who has been working at the University for no less than 10 years has a right to a year-long paid sabbatical. 

However, we may assume that some people still were not engaged in preparing this extremely important document and still do not know the details of the agreement. They also may not know the results of work over the last three years to establish the best conditions for employees. That is why today I would like to focus on this very essential topic. 

Ректор на профсоюзном собрании

Why do we need a collective agreement anyway, if each employee has an individual agreement with the University? In short, it helps to defend our employees’ interests on a broader scale. A collective agreement clarifies certain details and makes their relations with their employer more stable. It describes and regulates conditions that are not regulated in the Labor Code. It helps to maintain a positive psychological climate among the staff in their workplaces. The way the staff reacted and made suggestions for the new collective agreement informed the management about the most current issues and demands the employees have. This leads to efficient distribution of funds.

Now, let me focus on some particular sections of the agreement and numbers that describe the employee-related activity of TSU for the last several years. 

Social security

 The following numbers can be seen on the list of hardship allowance to the employees:

·         15,640,000 rubles were spent in 2014 and 18,940,000 rubles were spent in 2015.

·         2,460,000 rubles were spent in 2014 and 2,700,000 were spent in 2015 on additional vacations (as a hardship allowance).

·         1,500,000 rubles were spent in 2014 and 1,970,000 rubles were spent in 2015 on financial aid. By the end of 2016, 334 employees received the aid.

Work arrangements  

In 2014, the salary budget was 2,002,300 rubles; in 2015, it was 2,377,100 rubles; and for 10 months of 2016 1,673,200 rubles in salary were received.

Every year we conduct competitions in best teaching practices and research and education projects. Winners receive money. We spend approximately 2,000,000 per year on that.

Labor conditions

We directed a lot of efforts towards organizing preventative medical examinations for our employees. We used to have problems with that, because the instructions for people were unclear. Today all those employees who are supposed to be examined do it on time. TSU spent about 7,500,000 rubles on medical examinations.

Hygienic conditions are vital for the employees to maintain health. At present, all the facilities in our university are in a proper state. We spent millions on repair work.

Обновленный фасад общежития ТГУ

Academic halls and other premises

Over the last two years, we have improved the state of our premises, especially in academic buildings and dormitories. We changed window frames and internet wires and repaired canteens, laundry rooms, and many other facilities to make the university environment more convenient. 

Health care

Before the TSU’s preventative clinic was closed, our employees had the opportunity to apply there for medical care. At the moment, we do not have that option. But we are looking for other options to provide our staff with care. 164 employees have additional health insurances, for which TSU paid 50% of the costs. 


We have negotiated with the Tomsk State Medical University’s clinic on providing our staff with medical help in the near future.

Our University has two kindergartens for the employees’ children. Today the University spends 23,500,000 rubles on them per year.

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Housing conditions

From 2014 to 2016, TSU paid for the repair work in 11 apartments of our labor veterans. War veterans are also provided with full support in this. In total, TSU has almost 30 buildings          on the balance sheet.

In 2016, our University was awarded for its work in the regional competition “Russian Organization of High Social Efficiency”. This was a way for the Ministry of Education and Science and the Russian Trade-Union Organization to recognize our efforts and the successful conditions of our collective agreement.

Конкурс социальной эффективности

People who work and study at TSU are the most important assets for us. That is why we have paid and will pay so much attention to providing them with normal work and study conditions. At least, we will do our best in accordance with the budget we receive. Our trade-union is one of the largest in the Tomsk Region. It is a loyal partner of the TSU administration in improving the quality of life and the quality of the social environment. It is easy just to push for one’s rights. It is more difficult to share responsibility and solve real problems.  We are very lucky that the TSU trade-union is headed by such caring and eager people as Nina Puchkova and Oleg Merzlyakov. We appreciate the work they and their staff do in monitoring  academic halls, food facilities, housing conditions, and other aspects of our University. This develops inner social potential of the University and the feeling of being a part of a large community. This helps our University to be a true UNIVERSITY!