Master’s programmes

Tomsk State University offers 112 Master’s programmes in 55 academic areas.

Master’s programmes are developed based on requests from specific companies, which then go on to employ the graduates.

You can get acquainted with a part of the Master's programmes here

To gain full access to all TSU programmes and to have the opportunity to receive a quality education, you need to start with Pre-courses Department or Russian as a Foreign Language course.

A master’s degree in Russia is the second level of higher professional education.

In Russia, admitted to a Master’s degree programme can be holders of a bachelor’s degree (4 years of study), holders of a Specialist’s degree (5 years of study) or holders of a Master’s Degree, regardless of a degree previously obtained by them

The duration of a Master's programme is 2 years.

Step 1. How to start?

To date, the TSU opens 165 Master's degree programmes and every year it launch new programmes for international students, involving teaching in English, and programmes implemented in cooperation with the international partner universities.

First of all you should choose one programme of the available areas.

Annotations to these programmes can be found here.

Step 2. Ready to apply?

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All applications will be accepted and checked by the International Division, which can be reached via e-mail:

Step 3. Language choice

TSU graduate programmes are taught in Russian.

International students must confirm their language knowledge by a certificate.

TSU implements educational programmes for study Russian as a foreign language.

Also, TSU has some programmes in English

Step 4. Recent steps

Сollect necessary documents for Master's admission

Аnd, applicants must pass, the entrance examination, which consist of core subjects and interviews (on the profile of the programme)

Pay attention to the deadline date! For Master’s programmes it is August 10th  

Advantages of TSU Master’s programmes


The area of a Master’s programme can differ radically from a Bachelor’s programme of studies. A Master’s degree programme in Philosophy, for instance, can be interesting for graduates with Bachelor’s degrees in technical specialities. It is also quite popular among students with Bachelor’s degrees in Biology and History.

Double Diploma

TSU has been developing dual degree Master’s programmes with its partner universities. Education takes place in two universities simultaneously. Today TSU has academic partners in China, France, Belgium and other countries.


Today’s Master’s programmes provide opportunities for Bachelor’s degree graduates to continue their studies in other universities, not only in Russia, but also in Europe and America. A TSU Master’s diploma is accepted by employers in Russia and abroad.

Customized Programmes

Master’s programmes are developed based on the requests from specific companies, which then go on to employ the graduates. The number of these kind of programmes at TSU increases every year.

Individual Plan

TSU graduates have the opportunity to build their own study scheme, which allows them to choose an individual learning plan which would include all necessary disciplines, research content, work experience placements and internship.

A TSU Master’s degree marks the top level of higher education, and a Master’s degree is itself proof of a graduate’s excellence and high-quality performance.