TSU announces a competition for a trip to CERN

TSU announces a competition for a trip to CERN for work on the ATLAS project. Students (Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics, Faculty of Physics and Engineering, Faculty of Radiophysics, Faculty of Informatics, Faculty of Physics, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, and Faculty of Innovative Technologies) of the 4th year of undergraduate studies, Master’s students, graduate students, and young scientists (researchers, who have had a defense in the past five years) are invited to participate.

CERN offers work in its international team of scientists, engineers, and students from 178 institutes and 32 countries around the world, who are working on an installation developed at TSU - testing of microelectronics elements, data collection, processing, analysis, and storage.

The visit takes from 1 to 3 months. Travel, accommodation, and meals are at the expense of the programme. In addition, it is possible to continue working on the project at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

Competencies of candidates:

To participate in the testing of microelectronic devices

- accurateness, concentration, employability, responsibility;

- English at the level of fluent communication

- experience in performing laboratory work in physics, radio engineering, or related.

To participate with the prospect of further work at CERN:

- comprehensive education in physics, computer science, microelectronics, or instrument engineering;

- English language at the level of professional terminology.

This contest will give preference to candidates who have experience in implementing projects using charged particle detectors; core and elementary particle physics; developing/producing/ testing electronic devices and measuring system components using FPGA and microcontrollers; and using C ++ / Python, and databases Data ORACL, mySQL, AutoCAD.

To participate it’s necessary to submit a CV and a short essay. Be sure to specify the faculty, specialty, skills, goals for the future, and the purpose of the trip to CERN.

The essay and CV should be sent to: khodinov@phys.tsu.ru, and a copy: proecs@mail.tsu.ru by April 30, 2017.