XIV International Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Prospects of Fundamental Sciences Development"

TSU invites students, graduate students and young scientists from April 25 to 28, 2017 to take part in the XIV International Conference "Prospects for the Development of Basic Sciences."

You can get more information at the site of the conference.

Sections and scientific directions of the conference:


 Physics: condensed matter physics; surface physics; accelerator physics; hydrogen  energetic; geophysics; modeling of physical processes


 Chemistry: synthesis and properties of functional materials; physicochemical analysis  methods for materials; nanomaterials; ecology; organic synthesis; catalysis and  petrochemistry


 Mathematics: mathematical modeling and data analysis; mathematical methods in  physics, chemistry, biophysics, biology, economics, medicine, psychology; mathematical  logic and its applications; computational mathematics; differential equations


 Biology and Fundamental Medicine: anatomy and physiology (including pathological  states); immunology; neurology and psychiatry; cell biology and histology; genetics;  biochemistry and molecular biology; microbiology and virology; biophysics;  biotechnologies; bioengineering; pharmacology and pharmacognosy; cybernetics and  bioinformatics; biomaterials: in vitro and in vivo studies


 Economics and Management: institutional and industrial economics; innovation policy  and entrepreneurship; tax policy and regulation; finance; money circulation and credit;  accounting, analysis and audit; statistics; management, labor economics; mathematical  and data methods in economics, management and business; development of state and  municipal management system, multidisciplinary economic researches; international  economic relations


 Construction and Architecture: construction method; construction materials, products  and constructions; nanotechnologies in construction; electrotechnics and  electromechanics; engineering science and mechanics; engineering geology;  architectural design technique; history and theory of architecture; restoration and  reconstruction of architectural heritage; design of architectural environment 

 Within the framework of the session, the Contest of Architectural Projects "Red lines"will  be organized in the following following categories:
  • "Private House"
  • "Interior Design"
  • "Architecture and Urban Planning"
  • "Second Life of Historical Buildings"


 Information Technologies and Electronics: intelligent control systems; automated data  processing and control systems; information security; nanoelectronics; production and  research of nanomaterials; optoelectronics and nanophotonics; plasma emission  electronics; intelligent power electronics; microwave electronics; systems of  radiolocation, TV, radio, radiometry and wave propagation of radio frequency and  acoustic bands; pulse and radio frequency measurements