A partner agreement with the Open Education Platform has been signed

TSU and the National Platform of Open Education Association signed a partner agreement on posting the TSU’s online courses on the website of the Platform. The agreement was signed at the press conference dedicated to launching the National Platform of Open Education’s partnership programme for Russian universities.
The Platform offers online courses in the basic disciplines of the     Russian baccalaureate. The courses are free, at the end, students receive certificates that they can use to cover disciplines at their universities. The projected was launched in 2015 by 8 Russian universities. TSU has joined the group and now can post and conduct up to 20 courses per year.  

Rector Galazhinskiy: “Blended learning is very popular nowadays. But often the question of quality control rises. The Open Education Platform pays special attention to this issue. We have some experience in the matter. The collaboration with the Platforms will provide new opportunities for us.”