Moscow International Education Fair 2017: panel discussion “University: Territory, Architecture, and Campuses”
Russian and international experts in architecture and urbanism along with representatives of universities discussed the role of place making in education.  The discussion began with the case of Tomsk State University. Rector Eduard Galazhinskiy explained how proper reconstruction and modern redesign of the TSU Library, which used to be empty, increased its attendance by tenfold. TSU students love the new space and the new schedule. Now they can attend a 24/7 study hall.  The University Grove has been opened for the public. Every day thousands of people walk through it at present.  
Eduard Galazhinskiy: “The biggest challenge for us is to change the environment so that it can meet our expectations. The problem is that we cannot change the old premises. We have worked on the philosophy of such changes with the group of international experts. As the result, we have re-evaluated the concept of the campus. We need spaces and classrooms relevant to the new forms of education.”