15 students are volunteers at the Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk

Tomsk State University students are among the volunteers from the Tomsk Region who will work at this event. They will be involved in a variety of processes - providing athletes with food, costumes, transportation, and others.

The volunteers were selected by the Tomsk Student Headquarters of the Winter Universiade 2019, based at TSU. More than 200 residents of the region applied for the right to be a volunteer at the Universiade, and 23 were selected.

- Now all the volunteers have come to Krasnoyarsk, settled, and gotten a uniform. Some have already started their shifts, and others are being trained about general and specific things. Everyone has his or her own position and responsibilities. But the main task is to provide guests and athletes with the most comfortable stay during the Universiade, - said Anastasia Zhuravleva, head of the Tomsk student headquarters of the Winter Universiade 2019.

Four TSU representatives became volunteers of food points and an attache of the FISU family; three are chaperone volunteers (they are responsible for taking doping samples); others include TV and radio volunteers, ceremony directors, attache of the National University Sports Federations, functional supervisors, landing and disembarking volunteers, sports volunteers in alpine skiing, assistant editors of the Universiade website, and sports information center volunteers.

- Our position is covering sporting events - said Irina Tsitsvaya, a volunteer for the sports information center. - Delegations of athletes and trainers come to us to learn about the schedule of unofficial and official training, the schedule of transport, and all additional points related to training. Representatives of different countries come to communicate in a foreign language. The great thing is that the athletes are so friendly - when they come in, they raise their spirits with their smiles and positivity. It is even possible to personally communicate with some representatives of countries. It was important for me to communicate in English so that there was practice, and it is in this position that I get it. I am happy, I like what I’m doing.

Irina Boyko, a ceremony volunteer, shared her impressions

- I have long wanted to get the experience of international volunteering, make new friends, and become a part of history in the framework of such a large-scale sporting event. That is why I was looking forward to the forthcoming Universiade-2019. I applied for participation in it as a volunteer in 2017, and then I was preparing throughout the year. My referral volunteers will be directly involved in the opening and closing ceremonies. We have to work with the artists of the show in accordance with the script. We will be in the thick of things, we will see athletes and honored guests and officials, and we can also become direct participants of the show.