3,500 people visited Museum Night at TSU

On May 20 Tomsk State University joined the international event Museum Night. This year TSU not only opened the doors of its cultural and historical repositories to everyone in Tomsk, but also prepared interactive and discussion platforms, movies, and even a performance for children.

The organizers decided to take action beyond the space of the museums and introduce Tomsk residents to exhibits that are stored not only in the main building of TSU. For this purpose an interactive playground the City of Museums was organized in the hall of the Cultural Centre. Each TSU museum received some space where it was able to place its collections and conduct master classes and competitions. The Museum of the History of Physics, as well as the museums of the Law Institute, Faculty of Economics, and the sport club SKAT participated in this.

- When we planned this event, we set ourselves the task of showing all the museums of the University and allowing citizens of Tomsk to communicate with specialists in an interactive mode. Thus, the specifics of each museum have been demonstrated - says Lyudmila Pankratova, director of the Excursion and Educational Centre.

The Museum of the Law Institute invited everyone to print fingerprints and make an identikit, the staff of Museum of the History of Physics showed experiments, and the staff of the Museum of Zoology talked with visitors about how to keep reptiles in the apartment and held some contests, workshops, and entertaining games. Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography presented a photo exhibition with the installation of Dwelling Indigenous Peoples of Siberia.

The “Museum cinema” showed films from the archives of TSU museums and popular movies about mineralogy, paleontology, zoology, archeology and ethnography, and physics. A children's theater of drama and comedy, The University Grove, prepared a performance “The Cuckoo Clock”.

- We have set ourselves the task of creating an evening of intelligent and intellectual leisure , - says Olga Galazhinskaya, deputy director of the Excursion and Educational Centre of TSU Museums. All activities had a very informative content. And by checking out the interactive platform, any family could find something interesting.

In total, about 3,500 people attended Museum Night at TSU. The organizers note that university students played a large role in the preparation of the event.