51 countries participated in TSU’s competition on data protection

On November 6, 579 teams from 51 countries participated at the School CTF (School Capture The Flag), an international online competition for highschoolers on the protection of computer information, which is  organized annually by TSU’s team SiBears.

Not only students but also more experienced players were invited to participate in the tournament, and according to the terms, rankings for school and nonschool teams are evaluated separately. Therefore, the organizers had to prepare assignments that in their complexity would be available to school students but at the same time be interesting for university students. The tournament has 36 such tasks in different areas of computer security, and organizers say that even the most complex were solved.

- This year we have increased the competition time from 5 to 8 hours. In addition to the School CTF-2016 we had three tasks of high complexity from the partner company Positive Technologies, for the solution of which the students were offered internships, and for the best answer a GoPro 5 camera was given. These tasks were solved by only two students and one high school student - says Alexandra Murzina, a member of organizing team SiBears.

At the end of the tournament, first place among the high school students was won by dcua-school, the team from the Ukraine, Valar Morghulis from Tomsk took the second place, and in third place was high school students from Perm Team on the First Place.

SUSlo.PAS from Novosibirsk became first among nonschool teams, in second place was dcua from Ukraine, and in third place was BatmansKitchen - the team of last year's winners, former high school students and now students of the University of Washington (USA).

Currently, new tasks are open at the site of the School CTF. Everyone can sign up to test their knowledge or to train for the next competition.