A book was published on the result of SMTI research

«Plastic Deformation of Nanostructured Materials» - the book that was published on the result of research of StrAU Institute of Smart Materials and Technology (SMTI)

Collective of Tomsk scientists: E.V. Kozlov, N.A. Koneva, N. A. Popova from TSUAB, A.M. Glezer, Director of the Institute of Metal Physics named after G.V. Kurdyumov, and I. A. Kurzina, head of the TSU’s Institute of Smart Materials and Technologies.   

The book is an analysis and generalization of long-term fundamental theoretical and experimental studies of the structure and physical and mechanical properties of nanostructured materials by a team of authors. The properties of metallic materials in the nanostructured state differ significantly and these materials can become the basis for the creation of new generation of the construction materials. For the first time, the world community will meet with the achievements of the Russian school in analyzing the structure, model representations, and predicting the properties of nanostructured materials, - said Irina Kurzina. 

The given research and the information are necessary for the understanding of properties and behavior of nanomaterials and give the chance to receive material with targeted properties.

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