A new online course will tell you about modern psychodiagnostics

A new online course Psychodiagnostics and Psychological Assessment has started on the international educational platform Coursera. It studies the methods of modern psychodiagnostics and the basic skills in applying them. Also, students will learn the world ethical standards and approaches for diagnosing personality traits, intellect, giftedness, and personal achievements. Classes are taught in English.

- First, we created a course Psychodiagnostics in Russian. Now almost 10,000 students have passed it. And then we decided to create an analog in English, taking into account the existing difference in the standards of psychodiagnostics in our country and in the world, - says Valeria Petrova , the author of the course, assistant professor at TSU. - The course describes what a psychodiagnostic procedure should be, what types of data we can get, whether we can trust them, what we can understand and learn about a person, and what we will never know.

The course programme lasts 5 weeks and includes training in modern methods of recognition, measurement, and description of individual psychological characteristics, the study of reliable diagnostic judgments, decisions, and rules, and other topics. In addition, students will learn about world standards and ethical norms for this type of activity.

According to the author, the course is focused on HR specialists, managers, and employees of a client-oriented profile, and students and graduate students of humanities specialties.

To gain access, you should register on the Coursera platform and enroll in the course. When a student is enrolled, the content appears on the course bar. All students receive notifications of classes, reminders of deadlines, and progress tracking.

At the moment, TSU has 17 online courses on the Coursera platform in different areas: psychology, ecology, humanities and philosophical sciences, social robotics, computer technology, mathematics, and biology. Also there are two courses in English: The Changing Arctic by Terry Callaghan, Professor at TSU and the University of Sheffield, an expert on this region with 47 years’ experience, and Biological Diversity (Theories, Measures and Data sampling techniques) by Roberto Cazzolla Gatti, an Italian scientist and member of the TSU Centre of Excellence BioClimLand.