A new TSU research and education centre will develop media competence

Next year a new research and education centre under the provisional name Higher School of Journalism will be established at Tomsk State University. Its objectives are the development of journalism and the involvement of partners in preparation of media experts.

The centre will include the Faculty of Journalism, the Department of Social Communications of the Faculty of Psychology, and the TSU Department of Information and Communication. Major regional media centres will become partners.

- This is the result of nearly a year of discussions within the University and with the strategic partners on how media education should be arranged, - said Eduard Galazhinsky, TSU’s Rector. - The key idea is to attract employers with international competence and  together find new niches and opportunities for our journalists. We expect that this alliance with our partners will enable us to bring educational programmes to the next level, find new markets for the employment of graduates, and improve scientific research.

It is emphasized that all members of the new research and education centre will be included in it autonomously. The Department of Social Communications will continue to be part of the Faculty of Psychology, and the Faculty of Journalism will continue to operate as an independent structural unit.

The new research and education centre is being created in order to closely collaboration with partners who will contribute to improving training for professionals. Interdisciplinary research, the customers of which will be media holdings and the media are also planned to be implemented in the framework of the centre. Specialists from different departments can work together to create large projects.

- We are interested in this Tomsk journalism and media design school being the first not only in Siberia and Russia, but also at least in Central and Southeast Asia - said the Rector.

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