A resident of the Antilles became the 4,000th entrant of TSU

Hilesha Shazieyn Humphreys the from island country Antigua and Barbuda (a group of the Lesser Antilles situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea) has become the 4000th entrant of Tomsk State University. She applied for the Faculty of Journalism and perhaps will be the second representative of her country studying in Russia.

- I've always wanted to go abroad. When I was choosing a country, I read about the culture of Russia and realized that I wanted to study here, - says Hilesha. - Before entering, I was studying at the preparatory department of Krasnoyarsk, to learn the language, and then arrived in Tomsk, at TSU, because it’s one of the best universities in the country.

The entrant likes University Grove that surrounds the main building. She has already tried Russian food - pies, pelmeni, and cereals, and says that Tomsk vegetables taste no worse than those in the Caribbean.

- I'm only a couple of days in Tomsk, but I'm very comfortable here – she says.

She will study in Russia thanks to the scholarship of the Government of Antigua and Barbuda, and hopes that TSU will teach her how to create texts so that people become more interested in science, history, and culture. At the end of her undergraduate study, she wants to earn a Master's degree and begin to write about the  history and culture of her country in order for Russians to understand that it’s amazing.

- I plan to write research and educational articles, but I want to make them so interesting that people who read them do not stop in the middle and want to know more. - I also write poetry and short stories in English. I tried to write in Russian, but it is not very good now, I cannot accurately express the idea, but I think that if I practice a lot, I will succeed.

In her spare time, Hilesha reads a lot, to expand her outlook. In Antigua and Barbuda, she organized cultural events such as exhibitions of young artists and hopes that here she also will be able to express herself in this endeavor.