A SKAT athlete is the world record holder in swimming with flippers

The Finswimming World Championships in Volos (Greece) has concluded. The Russian team took first place. Anna Ber, a teacher at the Faculty of Physical Education and member of TSU’s SKAT sports club, won gold in the 4 x 100m relay.

This year Anna Ber has already managed to beat Russian and European records five times. And now there is a new world record among her achievements.

- Anna has set a new world record - 2: 34.54 seconds with her friends on the national Russian team: Vera Ilyushina (Novosibirsk), Alexandra Skurlatova (Tomsk), and Ekaterina Mikhailushkina (Yaroslavl), - said Peter Timchenko, the head coach of TSU SKAT.

Peter Timchenko added that tomorrow international university competitions in swimming with flippers will begin. Athletes of TSU’s club SKAT - Dmitry Kostenko, Julia Veselova, and Svyatoslav Dotsenko will defend the honor of our country and Tomsk State University in these competitions.