A TSU graduate student’s work will help to prepare missile launches

Olga Zolotukhina, a graduate student, successfully defended her scientific work on the atmospheric conditions that limit the launch of space mission vehicles at the Baikonur and Vostochny cosmodromes. The thesis was highly appreciated by Roskosmos experts and will be used to prepare recommendations for the selection of the most favorable periods for launching rockets into space.

Shifting the date of even one launch of a space-mission vehicle entails large financial losses. At Baikonur, meteorological parameters close to critical are fixed 5-7 times a year, therefore the study of the features of the wind regime in the region of cosmodromes is extremely urgent.

In her thesis, the graduate student revealed the directional tendencies of the wind characteristics in different layers of the free atmosphere and built vertical profiles of mean values of wind speed and direction up to a height of 25 kilometers for the two Russian cosmodromes. In addition, in the course of scientific research, she conducted a large-scale analysis of the long-term characteristics of thunderstorm activity in the Baikonur and Vostochny region. This will allow more accurately assessing the weather risks when launching a space-mission vehicle.

- The scientific novelty of the work includes the identification of trends in the change in wind speed in the layers of the upper troposphere and the lower stratosphere, which are of interest for solving the problems of ensuring the stability and controllability of the ILV's movement during the passage of altitude regions with maximum high-speed head, - notes academician Valery Dineev, head of the department of the head institute of Roskosmos, in his response to the work of the graduate student. - The degree of reliability of the calculations provided in the work is confirmed by the large volume and quality of the data analyzed.

- The practical significance of the results is the possibility of using them to assess the risks of canceled or postponed launches of space-mission vehicles at the Baikonur and Vostochny cosmodromes due to exceeding the permissible speed and wind shear,- said Nikolai Shirshov, head of the Geophysical Department of the Centre for the Operation of Terrestrial Space Infrastructure. - The results obtained will improve the quality of forecasting dangerous convective phenomena and, accordingly, increase the safety of rocket and space equipment at the cosmodrome Vostochny.