An applicant from Nigeria wants to become a lawyer and enjoy winters

Currently, more than 4,200 applicants for full-time education have submitted their documents to TSU, 262 of them in Jurisprudence. Isong Abayomi Samuel, an applicant from Nigeria, is among those wishing to become a lawyer. He may be one of the first representatives of his country at TSU.

Isong Abayomi Samuel has been in Tomsk for a few months.

- I have chosen Russia first of all because of the language, - he says. - My admission to TSU will fulfill two dreams at once - to learn the language and to become a good and professional lawyer.

He says that he came to Siberia because of TSU and the high quality of education that students receive here.

- When I was looking a university for admission, I learned about Tomsk. I have read many reviews and realized that TSU is one of the best universities in Russia – he adds. - I will try very hard to match its level.

Despite the fact that the applicant considers that the Russian language is very difficult, especially its grammar, he already has his favorite words – Россия (Russia) and спасибо (thank you).

Now he is passing exams for admission. An interview with the Law Institute leadership will be the next step. Isong Abayomi Samuel is hoping that he will become a student at TSU and will be able to admire the real Russian winter.