Anna Ber became a champion and set a new record for the World Games

Swimming competitions at the 10th World Games in Wroclaw, Poland, have ended. Anna Ber, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Physical Education, for the first time in her career became the champion and record holder of the World Games in the 4x100 m relay .

Anna set the record on the first day of the competition. The second day she also had a very decent result in the 100 m, overtaking the world champion from South Korea and winning a bronze medal.

- I'm happy that now Anna has all the titles in swimming in fins. In her difficult moments, she was supported by her older comrades, teammates, and honored masters of sports Irina Egorushkina, Sergei Cherevko, and Maxim Maksimov, - noted Pyotr Timchenko, honored coach of Russia.  - And I, as a coach, am grateful to Anna, that despite many problems she did not turn away from her chosen path.

Anna Ber received the license to participate in these two events on the results of last year's World Cup. Now the athlete is preparing for the World Cup final, which will be held in September in Turkey.