Artists of the Shenyang Beijing Opera Theatre will perform at TSU

On December 17, Tomsk State University will host a charity show Wonders of the Beijing Opera. This visit by the artists of the Shenyang Theater to the Siberian Athens will be possible thanks to the close collaboration of TSU’s Confucius Institute with the Chinese Embassy in Moscow.

- Beijing opera is called the pearl of Chinese art – said Irina Shvedova, the director of the Institute. - Jìngjū tells the story through songs and dances. The actors’ performance in the Beijing opera includes four basic skills: singing, declamation, pantomime, and martial arts, as well as the five methods of execution: gesture, expression of the eyes, posture, stage movement, and gait. This is a very colorful presentation, and I'm sure it will make a big impression on the audience.

Entrance to the performance is free; therefore, not only employees of the university but all who appreciate art can visit it.Place of the performance: concert hall of the Culture Centre of TSU.

The performance starts at 18.30. Free admission.