BITWORKS Company has allocated scholarships to TSU students
BITWORKS Software Company has allocated three scholarships to graduate students of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, TSU. Three talented scientists and young lecturers will be awarded the scholarships for their input to the development of “Software engineering” Bachelor's degree taught both in Russian and English languages. They are going to receive 30,000 rubles monthly throughout this academic year.

BSc Software Engineering both tracks (taught in English and Russian) were founded on the principle ‘learning by doing’. Already in their second year bachelor students are going to work with tasks set by the business community of Tomsk Region.

"We launched this pilot program in order to try to solve one of the major issues in modern IT education. We often see that there are many differences between the employment requirements set by the IT companies and our classical IT training offered by the Russian Universities," says Oleg Zmeev, Director of the Program. “A lot of attention is paid to the interaction with the partners who are interested in hunting talented students. This allows for their active participation in the content development of the program.”

One of the Institute’s partners is BITWORKS Software Company. According to its CTO Ivan Kudryavtsev, IT industry is currently experiencing a shortage of staff. This is related to the fact that the learning process at the Universities is difficult to maneuver and make timely adjustments as it is demanded by the market. TSU pilot program is a perfect opportunity to try to solve some of those problems. This is why the company decided to support its young teachers.

“The current generation of students who were born in the late 90's - early 2000's, have to be taught differently, - says Ivan Kudryavtsev, CTO of BITWORKS Software Company. - For graduates to find themselves in the industry, academic environment at the University has to provide them with the variety of learning tools and practices. We believe that the pilot program in the Institute is going to be successful. For that reason, we decided to stimulate its teachers with the scholarships.”