Two TSU scientists’ monographs about permafrost were published in New York

This spring in the New York publishing house «Nova Publishers» were published two monographs on research of permafrost and the processes which it activate in relation to the global climate change. Among the authors of the books - Tomsk State University scientists .

Both books have become an intermediate total of the scientific team work, the heart of which became the laboratory of biogeochemical and remote sensing methods for monitoring the environment BIO-GEO-CLIM.

The first monograph , " Biogeochemistry of Thermokarst Lakes of Western Siberia" is based on the previously published in scientific journals of high citation articles . Its authors - Oleg Pokrovsky ( TSU, Toulouse) , Sergey Kirpotin (TSU ) and Lyudmila Shirokova ( Institute of Ecological Problems of the North UroRAN ) .

In recent decades, scientists' attention to the permafrost and the processes taking place in it, is constantly growing. Subarctic and arctic ecosystems are most affected by global warming and pollution . On the other hand, these vast regions largely determine the climate of the entire planet , primarily through their impact on the biogeochemical carbon cycle and, consequently, on the level of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. When the temperature rises , the permafrost begins to melt : this process is accompanied by the buried organic carbon release and become one of the global climate change scenarios major elements. Over recent years Tomsk scientists and their France colleagues found that thermokarst lakes formed due to the permafrost melting, are the source of methane released into the atmosphere. Melt lakes vital functions features are studying today in the framework of BIO-GEO-CLIM (

The second book "Permafrost " (edited by Oleg Pokrovsky ) covers the topics of permafrost in a broader geographical context. Colleagues from all over Russia - from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok , as well as scientists from Germany and France became chapters co-authors of the permafrost studying various aspects.

Also TSU published the first issue of the international scientific journal «BioClimLand». Its main mission to highlight the most urgent science problems in the field of interaction of biota , climate and landscapes. The magazine published articles in Russian and English. Among the authors TSU young scholars and professors, colleagues from institutes of RAS , Altai State University and Ural Federal University .

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When executing a program to increase the international competitiveness of " 5-100 " Tomsk State University chose a policy of concentrating resources on a few disruptive innovation areas . In accordance with the road map, TSU has established some centers of excellence - an association of leading scientists of the university, which will become" strike force " in the University fight for first places in the world rankings . Nucleus of one of these centers , created in 2013, became a laboratory of biogeochemical and remote sensing methods for monitoring the environment BIO-GEO-CLIM. The laboratory is a part of the project " Arctic swampy- lake landscapes of Western Siberia Biogeochemical Cycles as an indicator of climate change on a global scale and the basis for the region environmental management ," received a mega-grants by the RF Government Decree number 220 in 2013. The head of the Laboratory BIO-GEO-CLIM is Oleg Pokrovsky , a senior researcher at the National Centre for Scientific Research (Toulouse , France).