Scientists modernized the glyoxal production plant

State Corporation " Novokhim " specialists began pre-commissioning procedures of the glyoxal production modernized plant, which has thousand tons per year efficiency. The tests are based on the innovative enterprise " Novokhim ."

The innovative company " Novokhim "glyoxal pilot production in 2010 became the eighth in the world. Tomsk State University team of scientists has been working for the past 11 years with the technology of substance synthesis. The main spurt was made in 2003-2006, when they were able to bring their innovation to the industrial production. The modernization of pilot production was a necessity -says Kirill Kolkov, technical laboratory manager.

-We set the goal to reduce the cost of production . According to the results of TSU and the group of companies " Novokhim "cooperation we were able to upgrade the existing installation and increase its energy efficiency. In our laboratory, was also created a new catalyst, operating at lower temperatures.

There is a constant quality substance verification during the pre-commissioning procedures. The first glyoxal solution , which TSU scientists and " Novohim " staff received this week, is cleaner and meets all the required parameters. Following the results of the upgraded plant experimental operation "Novokhim " company plans to design a factory of 10,000 tons per year capacity.

For the reference

Glyoxal it is universal organic substance used in the pharmaceutical , petrochemical , metallurgical and other industries for the new substances and materials production . Until 2010, only 7 countries in the world owned the technology of glyoxal production. The TSU laboratory scientists’ catalytic studies allowed organizing the eighth production in Russia.