DI Group and Max Motors have hired sales laboratory graduates

The first course of the sales laboratory at the TSU innovation and technology business incubator has been completed. Four people are now graduates of the educational programme in sales management. The partners of the TSU, DI Group and Max Motors, are ready to take them for an internship.

Training in the sales laboratory was for two months. Initially, 12 people participated, but only 4 reached graduation: students of the Institute of Economics and Management and the Faculty of Physics and Engineering. They passed a course of trainings that several business schools took part in creating and learned about modern commercial rules and sales skills.

- Graduates of the laboratory are entrepreneurs who can already work with the market - says Konstantin Belyakov, Vice-Rector for Innovation. - They acquired not just the education, but skills. The ability to sell is a great skill. We have received people who will either help scientists become market-oriented or start working independently on the market.

The judges were representatives of partner companies who evaluated the knowledge and skills of graduates. On the day of defense, the finalists received cases in which they talked about a certain product. Within three hours, participants had to form a portrait of the target audience, sales tactics, and a series of questions to the potential buyer, think about the tools for retaining the customer, and perform other tasks showing their skills.

Then everyone presented a product to representatives of the companies, trying to persuade them to make a purchase. The participants were evaluated by the employees of DI Group, Max Motors, Elesy, and Smart Innovations.

 - Today, the state faces the challenge of developing a small business that can create workplaces on its own. And the fact that the guys have become one of those who can implement this, is great, - notes Konstantin Belyakov.