Divers of the TSU club SKAT won 5 medals in the Finswimming World Cup

Tomsk held the Finswimming World Cup Final 2016. The Tomsk Region team won the final competition based on all stages of the competition, winning 25 medals.

TSU’s club SKAT was represented by 6 athletes: Anna Ber, Yulia Veselova, Dmitry Kostenko Vladislav Grudinin, Svyatoslav Dotsenko, and Artem Mironov.

Anna Ber, an athlete of SKAT, won 3 silver medals in the individual 50 and 100 meter swim with flippers and 50 meter flipper relay race. In the 4 х 100 meter relay, Svyatoslav Dotsenko won a gold medal and Anna Ber a silver one.

- In general, I am pleased with the guys, they had strong contenders, but our athletes have shown good results, - said Peter Timchenko, the head coach of SKAT. – With this competition, we continue the preparation for the European Championship and the World Games in 2017.

263 athletes from 17 countries from 5 continents took part in the Finswimming World Cup Final 2016 in Tomsk. Earlier stages of the tournament took place in Poland, Hungary, Italy, France, Colombia, and Turkey.