The Philology Faculty graduated the third class of bachelor degrees from China

Since 2011, the Philology Faculty of Tomsk State University in conjunction with the Shenyang Polytechnic University (China) is implementing a program of double diplomas. In 2014 it was the third bachelor degrees enrolled in "Philology" program.

The program involves a student’s working for two different university degrees in parallel and in the end students receive two diplomas: Russian and Chinese. Students studying in China for the two first year during which they studying the Russian language, for the third and fourth course they come to TSU. Here they learn the program in the "Philology" direction, profile "Russian as a foreign language".

- Most of the students after the program finish connect their lives with the Russian language: choose graduate study at Russian universities, working in joint Russian-Chinese companies and Russian market-focused Chinese enterprises - said the Chair of Russian Language assistant Svetlana Faschanova .

In addition

During the program 34 students from China graduated it. In the 2014-2015 academic year, the third year 14 students will arrive at the TSU Philology Department.