Friendly campus:Conflict Resolution Service has started work at TSU

The Conflict Resolution Service has begun at Tomsk State University. It consists of students and teachers of different faculties who have been trained and become mediators - intermediaries helping to find a compromise in a dispute.

The training of mediators was held in the framework of the project Development and Testing Practices of Effective Conflict Resolution Among Students. The idea of creating the service belongs to Tatiana Podkladova and Julia Puchkina, employees of the Department of Social Work of the Faculty of Philosophy.

- Mediation is a way of resolving conflicts, one of the techniques of alternative dispute resolution involving a neutral third party - said Tatiana Podkladova, a senior lecturer in the Department of Social Work of the Faculty of Philosophy. - The mediator acts as a disinterested party. He or she helps to develop a specific agreement on the dispute, with the parties in full control of the decision making process on the settlement of the conflict and the conditions of resolving it.

The mediators trained at TSU are ready to hold a meeting with the parties of a conflict at any location convenient for them. Not only the disputing parties may apply for mediation, but also their friends and acquaintances who are interested in a constructive solution of the problem.

- The main idea of our project is to teach students how to communicate in situations of conflict and constructively solve them - explains Tatiana Podkladova. – Because friendliness and the ability to get out of the conflict with minimal impact are important conditions of effective and pleasant coexistence and codevelopment. It's part of the culture of communication and education, and a distinctive feature of a person of the University.