From belyash to Bell Pepper: a new food culture at the University

The dormitory Parus (Sail) has opened a dining room № 5 Bell Pepper, which will provide students, TSU staff, and Tomsk residents the opportunity to enjoy the new standard of healthy and delicious food at the University.

- As a student I remember belyashi in the dining of the main building, which was delicious, but, as I now understand, not very healthy food, - says Eduard Galazhinsky, TSU’s Rector. - And today we are trying to establish a completely different ideology, because it is very important to immediately teach standards of quality, health, and international cuisine to young people. It is not just the discovery of another institution, it is the starting point for re-engineering the entire system at the university.

Dining room № 5 is called Bell Pepper from the English “Bulgarian pepper”. It will operate seven days a week from 08.00 to 20.00. It is expected that the average cost for breakfast will be about 70 rubles, for lunch or dinner about 150 rubles. The menu provides dishes of European, pan-Asian, and Russian cuisine. Also the dining room will offer a fitness menu and power-menu (with a high protein content). According to chef Maxim Kotov, the total number of dishes on the menu will reach 100. Requests from students are welcome.

The manager of Bell Pepper is Dharmesh Birla, a graduate of the best Swiss hospitality school and a native of India. At the opening ceremony the Rector presented him a symbolic watch that began the countdown of the new time at the university, the so-called gastronomic revolution. Time goes by and the quality of food increases with each passing hour, - commented Eduard Galazhinsky. In addition, the new dining room received a set of mugs with the logo of the university.

According to the Rector, the opening of the new factory-kitchen in Parus (Sail) is another step in the development of a culture of healthy eating at TSU. Now a range of activities is forming. In particular, the project of creating an international students’ book of recipes will continue.