From cells to Gaia: a new English-language course on ecology

The new TSU online course “Ecology: from Cells to Gaia” has launched on the international educational platform Coursera. Students will learn about the current problems of ecology and how countries and individuals are trying to solve them.

The main topics of the course are the physical environment, how organisms interact with each other and the environment, demographic dynamics and the evaluation of ecological processes through the ecology of systems, and evolution. The course also covers the main environmental concepts and methods, along with local and global environmental issues and the activities of individuals, groups, and governments in the protection of natural ecosystems.

The course is based on the latest research. Identified ideas, methods, and technologies will complement the tools of all biologists and educated listeners.

The author of the course is Roberto Cazzolla Gatti, associate professor of TSU’s Botany Department, an employee of the Centre of Excellence BioClimLand, and the head of the English-language Master's programme Biodiversity.

- This course is about ecology, it will give students an opportunity to understand the basic concepts of this subject in perspective: from cells to the whole planet (Gaia). In addition, we will analyze the main environmental problems of current time, - says Roberto Cazzolla Gatti.

This is the third course in the biological sciences for TSU and the second for Roberto Cazzolla Gatti. The first course on Biodiversity is in demand among the users of Coursera: at the moment, after completing this course, more than 110 certificates have been acquired.

The course is available on the Coursera platform by this link. To gain access, you need to register on the platform and enroll in the course. Classes last for four weeks.