High school students from Kyrgyzstan visited TSU for a winter school

This week, a group of high school students from Bishkek (Kyrgyz Republic) learned about the possibilities of Tomsk State University. A winter school for them was organized under the programme “TSU is the Entire World”, and with a partner with the Kyrgyz side, the public fund “Unity”.

- Our aim is, first, to show all facets of the University, all of the best moments of university life: the campus, creative and sports opportunities, the museum complex, and others, - says Evgeny Pavlov, head of the Department of New Enrollment - In addition, we immerse the future entrants in the educational process and teach them, through workshops, lectures, and real activities at laboratories, faculties and departments.

The programme for future students of Tomsk State University was intensive. It was focused on the natural sciences and physical and mathematical profiles: sessions to prepare for the entrance examinations; master classes by the teachers of the Institute of Biology, Faculty of Radiophysics, Faculty of Geology and Geography, Faculty of Physics and Engineering, and Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, where students worked in research labs with professional equipment; excursions to the book museum, armory museum, the research centre BioClimLand, and TSU’s supercomputer. In addition to these educational opportunities, the future students learned about other aspects of life at the University in trainings from leading schools and from meetings with international students, including compatriots from Kyrgyzstan.

High school students also talked with Victor Demin, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs. They shared their emotions on the trip - for example, most of them were impressed by the main building and the Research Library. The Vice-Rector noted the motivation of prospective students to enroll and their interest in mathematics, cybernetics, and programming. At the end of the meeting, the guests of the University received certificates and gifts.

- The University seeks to expand external partnerships. We have established close ties with the CIS republics - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. Applicants from these countries make up a significant proportion of our students - last year we had about 700 people, - said Victor Demin. - We are pleased that now there is a new wave of students from Kyrgyzstan. They are motivated, interested in entering, and these are the guys who fit our concept of “our prospective student”.

As the Vice-Rector added, increasing the number of international students offers several advantages: the opportunity for Russian students to interact with other environments in their cultural, educational and scientific aspects, and promoting Tomsk State University abroad.