Huawei will provide scholarships to the best TSU students

A delegation of Huawei Co., one of the world leaders in telecommunications, recently paid a working visit to TSU. At meetings with the leadership of faculties and institutes, several areas of collaboration were identified. Meeting with TSU Rector Eduard Galazhinsky, company representatives discussed the possibility of joint testing of new technologies at the University and the allocation of Huawei scholarships to the best students and graduate students of TSU's specialized faculties.

- We know that TSU is one of the leading universities in Russia, so the company has an interest in collaboration in areas such as training on our models and creating good scientific projects,- said Xiao Chunpen, director of the Huawei Research Center in Novosibirsk. - We are already collaborating with the TSU Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, and now we are discussing the technical details of a joint project agreement on big data transfer. The company is ready to support the best students and young scientists of the Institute and provide Huawei scholarships for them.

In addition to the IT area, collaboration can also be developed in other areas. In particular, the Chinese company was attracted by the TSU mathematical scientific school, which is successfully engaged in mathematical modeling and helps to solve technical problems for various enterprises, including software developers. New materials developed by TSU chemists for the space industry also aroused considerable interest.

TSU Rector Eduard Galazhinsky noted that to solve technical problems facing the company, the university can use both its own capabilities and the potential of the Big University, which is now being created. It will unite six universities and 12 academic institutes of Tomsk and representatives of business. There will be one entry point, including for contact with industrial partners. Along with this, company representatives were invited to organize a joint training ground for technology testing.

- Our city is unique because 80% of students come from other regions and countries, so Tomsk is such an educational hub, - said Eduard Galazhinsky. - In our case, there is a good opportunity to test new technologies through students who travel around the world. Now we have the introduction of new technical services as part of the Smart Campus project. With Huawei, we could create a joint training ground that will help us to test technologies and refine them taking into account the data received.

Representatives of the company noted that they were interested in this idea and needed to work it out in detail. Following the talks, the parties decided to create working groups that will coordinate the interaction. In November, TSU representatives will visit a research center in Novosibirsk to meet with Mr. Zhou Hong, director of the Huawei Institute for Eurasia Research and to discuss in detail the technical problems that the world leader in electronics production could solve with TSU’s participation.