I'm at TSU. Science Park : the world of modern technology

Beginning July 27, an interactive platform “I’m at TSU” is operating at Tomsk State University. Until July 31, lectures, master classes, and presentations for the public will be held at the University Grove. One of the areas of the platform is Technology, which shows the world of modern technologies.

Several laboratories of the different faculties of TSU are working at the Grove. At the site Robots Are Among Us Mikhail Politov, deputy dean of the Faculty of Radiophysics, offers the chance to use joysticks to take a wand from the table with the tentacle of a mechanical hand. It turns out that this is not so simple.

- Schoolchildren and students make these robotic arms at my practical training, - says Mikhail Politov. - All radiophysics today is in the information sphere, and we must be able to program any device. We show that this is possible.

Also, a 3D printer stood next to the robots, and the printing process can be seen through its transparent wall.

At the laboratory Microbes Are Among Us, students and graduates of the Institute of Biology showed some insect collections of the Zoological Museum of Tomsk State University, and Brazilian cockroaches and snails that could be held in your hand. In nearby microscopes, platform participants examined mites and parasites living in the liver of cats. Flowers and plants petals can also be examined at high magnification. In the flasks lying on the next table, meanwhile, sulfate-reducing bacteria formed colonies that could be seen under a microscope.

- These bacteria purified waste water, and they transformed heavy metals to their original state - says Lyudmila Sokolyanskaya, assistant in the Department of Plant Physiology and Biotechnology. - They are produced, for example, from the waste of abandoned mines. And then our staff grows them in different environments.