In September, the first laboratory for inventors will appear at TSU

The first University workshop in which students and teachers can create with their own hands the models and accessories they need for electronic devices - receivers, transmitters, resonators, and the details for a new generation of scanners and lasers - has begun its work at the Faculty of Radiophysics.

Similar projects in world practice are called fab labs (fabrication laboratories). Now the work area of TSU’s fab lab has machines for working with wood, lathe, milling machines, and 3D printers. Three or four people can work simultaneously in this lab.

- This set of equipment allows you to create a prototype of the electronic device and present it to the customer, - said Michael Politov, deputy dean for educational work at the Faculty of Radiophysics. - For safety, for each machine there is a responsible person who already knows how to work with the device.

According to the deputy dean, this kind of lab extends the capabilities of the engineering education of a classical university in electronics and robotics - students create replicable models of devices, which subsequently may be introduced into production.

From September, it will be possible to apply for a job in the fab lab. All applicants will be tested for their ability to use the equipment. If they do not have the ability, it will be possible to produce the required item on order. At the same time, Michael Politov is considering organizing training and workshops during the school year for those who wish to learn.