The conference " Tomsk and Siberia in the civilized Eurasia space " started in TSU

International scientific and practical conference " Tomsk and Siberia in the civilized Eurasia space " opened today in the Tomsk State University Scientific Library conference hall. For three days ( 29 - 31 May) , scientists will discuss the problems and opportunities of the common Eurasian cultural and scientific space existence uniting different Eurasian nations.

The conference brought together researchers from Russia , China, Mongolia , Finland and the United States . And it has a purpose of studying the role of cultural heritage and Eurasian history in the uniting this area nation. During the conference, scientists will discuss the Eurasian cultural heritage history and current state, and the role of Tomsk and the Tomsk province in the civilized development of the continent.

- Siberia it is a really unique Eurasian region – said the chairman of the Council of Scientific and methodological university museums coordination center of the Eurasian Association of Universities Professor Andrew Smurov. – Here exist a mixture of religions, cultures, and processes occurring in Siberia, which was discussed in the presented reports , and it shows that this region model with its history, current status, can predict events that will occur on a larger space, I mean all Eurasia, or even the whole world .

The first conference of such type was held in 2012 in Yakutia, it was initiated by the leaders of the legislative authorities of the Siberia national republics. They supported the President Vladimir Putin idea of Eurasian Union creation and approached with a proposal to join the Siberian scientists by means of the culture and help to strengthen the Eurasian space. The result of this conference can be combined in creation of coordinating center, accumulating knowledge about the cultures of different Eurasian nations and the preparation of joint research projects and training programs.

- Our university is located in the center of Eurasia, and it can act as a coordinator of exchanging information about the culture of different nations and science, - said the deputy chairman of the conference, Director of the Institute of Arts and Culture TSU Edward Chernyak . - This is facilitated also by the distance learning means, which has our university. We can gather knowledge, and become the coordinating center, such ideas have been expressed at the conference representatives of the various republics.

For the reference. The conference is held in the framework of the events dedicated to the 70th Tomsk region anniversary and the 410th Tomsk anniversary. The organizes became Tomsk State University, the Eurasian Association of Universities, the administration and the The Legislative Duma of Tomsk Oblast State Assembly-El Kurultaj, Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO and "Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk".