Indonesian student on studying at the Faculty of Geology and Geography

Venantius Jati and Gurat Gantoro, from Indonesia, are studying at the TSU Department of Geography in the master's program Digital Technologies in Geography on Geoinformation Mapping and Remote Sensing in Ecological and Geographic Research.

Venantius Jati @venantiusagung says:

“In Indonesia, I completed my BA in Geology at the Universitas Pembangunan Nasional 'Veteran' Jakarta. I studied the geological structure of the island and the coal deposits of the Kalimantan island and the ancient volcanoes on Java island. The sand dunes of Parangtritis in Java are very interesting to me - a unique geomorphological object in Indonesia, which is the subject of my dissertation research.

I really wanted to experience studying abroad in a specialty. I got to Tomsk on the advice of my friend Ivana Prabowo, who talked about good education at TSU, she was educated at this university and has now returned to Indonesia. After applying for a scholarship to study abroad, I passed this competition and came to Tomsk, where I have been living and studying for the second year.

At first it was very difficult for me to live in Tomsk, because I came from a tropical country, where it is always 20-35 ° C. I don’t really like the winter that is coming now, because it can be very cold…. I had to buy a warm jacket, scarf, and other things to survive the winter. Now everything is all right.

Tomsk is not a very big city, but I really like it because it is calm, quiet, and amazingly beautiful. It has beautiful architecture, wooden houses, rich history, and hospitable people.

Students and teachers are very nice and caring, they always help me if I have a problem and questions. Only it is very difficult to speak Russian, sometimes I don't understand when they speak quickly. But gradually I learn and begin to understand.”