International students are studying Siberian history and culture

The Laboratory of Modern Museum and Excursion and Tourist Technologies is conducting the summer school “Heritage of Eurasia: Past, Present and Future”. The goal of the school is to provide international students with the opportunity to study Siberian history and culture and in particular Tomsk, and also introduce them to the Institute of Arts and Culture.

This year, six people are participants of the school. They are from Great Britain, Iraq, Palestine, Laos, China, and one from Russia.

- Our fourth school is unusual because it involves international students who have been living in Russia for more than a year and study at TSU. The school program is interesting to them, because they did not have such an immersion in culture. All of them study in different specialties - they are linguists, economists, and biologists, and now they are very curiously delving into issues that seem to be alien to their areas, - says Tatyana Kuryanova, associate professor of the Department of Museology, Cultural and Natural Heritage.

All teachers of the summer school are highly qualified specialists in culture, history, and museology.

In the school, lecture courses are held on a wide range of historical and cultural studies and the history and culture of Siberia, as well as practical classes. There are excursions and master classes on the manufacture of traditional Russian toys and wood carvings. School participants have already visited the local museum, the museum of the history of Tomsk, the museum of Slavic mythology, and the Semilujensky stockade.

In just four years, about 45 international students from the UK, Brazil, Indonesia, Pakistan, China, Laos, and Iraq have attended the summer school “Heritage of Eurasia: Past, Present, and Future”.