International students talk about studying in Tomsk

Tomsk State University has a multinational community of students who have come here from their home countries and cities. The photographs show the students of various TSU faculties. From the USA to China and from Palestine to Ghana: we are so diverse, and our university unites us.

1 Китай.jpg

Pan Yu, from China

“I came to study at TSU on a student program from the Shenyang Polytechnic University in China. I knew that a pleasant atmosphere reigns in Tomsk, both for study and life in general. Unfortunately, because of the coronavirus pandemic, I was unable to leave Beijing for the 6th semester of study, so now I am at home and I miss my classmates.”

2 Франция.jpg

Esteban Faure, from France

“I studied at the Lumière University (Lyon 2), the Berges du Rhône' campus at the Faculty of Linguistics, English, Spanish, and Russian. I was offered to take part in a student program and go to Russia to study for a year. I chose Tomsk because TSU is one of the best universities in the country. My teachers also advised me to go to Tomsk, as there are many international students here and life in the city is more comfortable and interesting.”

4 Палестина.jpg

Mostafa Timraz, from Palestine

“I am studying international relations. I love TSU, because there are many international students here, and I can make friends from different countries. In Tomsk, I saw snow for the first time and experienced a real winter, it was interesting. During the first period of study and stay in Tomsk, the Russian language was not easy for me, but now, having lived here for 2 years, I can speak Russian well and understand Russian!”

6 Египет.jpg

Omar Lebda, from Egypt

“In Egypt, I studied in Alexandria at MSA University in the Faculty of Engineering. However, I did not like this specialty and I started studying computer science. I chose TSU because there is a program at the Higher IT School that I like. For me, moving to Tomsk and entering TSU is a completely new experience. I love to travel and learn more about other countries.”

7 Португалия.jpg

Carolina Salguinho, from Portugal 

“In Portugal, I studied at the University of Coimbra in the Faculty of Economics. I signed up for a double-degree program with Tomsk State University. The choice fell on TSU because there are excellent courses, and it was “closer to home”. I studied at TSU at the Institute of Economics and Management only last year and entered the master's degree program in finance. I completed the required courses and defended the master's thesis online.”

8 Гана.jpg

George Adu, from Ghana

“I got my bachelor's degree from the University of Ghana in Psychology and Information Science. I am currently studying for a master's degree at the Institute of Economic and Management under the International Management program. I decided to study here because the content of the program corresponded to my wishes, and TSU has a high rating and a good reputation.”

9 Индонезия.jpg

Angel Manurung, from Indonesia

“I am from the city of Bekasi in Java. I arrived in Tomsk in October 2018, and now I am studying management in my second year. I came to Russia immediately after school, because I received a scholarship to study for a bachelor's degree. I chose TSU because this university has a high ranking. I like studying here, and my classmates are cheerful, kind, and helpful. Everything is fine, the session is closed!”