At the invitation of TSU the director of Utrecht Science Park (Netherlands) Floris de Gelder will ar...

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At the invitation of TSU the director of Utrecht Science Park (Netherlands) Floris de Gelder will arrive in Tomsk

The XII Triple Helix International Conference will take place from 11-13 September 2014 in Tomsk, Russia. The Conference is devoted to the analysis of collaboration between universities, industry and the State government bodies. This conference is the twelfth in a series that began 17 years ago and is dedicated to the analysis of the interaction between universities/research institutions, government and industry, as well as its impact on the economic development of specific regions. After the well-known cities in the world such as Amsterdam, New York, Rio de Janeiro, London, the conference will be finally held in the Russian city of Tomsk. The conference is supported by the Tomsk Region Administration. Leaders and scientists from leading universities in the world become the participants. One of them is the director of Utrecht Science Park (Netherlands) Floris de Gelder.

- Utrecht University is one of the best universities in the world and we had already established contact with it, - said TSU vice-rector for International Affairs Artem Rykun.-We were there in June, communicated with Dutch colleagues and invited them to participate in the Triple Helix Conference. The director of Utrecht Science Park Floris de Gelder is one of those who will come to us. He has a legal education and on the one hand he is an organizer and administrator, on the other hand he is a researcher.

- Utrecht Science Park is an extremely attractive place because it has academic research tasks and also has a lot of organizational initiatives - continues Artem Rykun. - For example, we visited the roof of the building, where students make summer camp as a farm. They are growing organic food, doing yoga, etc. They have created their original socio, eco, civil and educational community.

Also it has a large number of laboratories, buildings, cabinets that perform high – technology and very productive scientific work. The Science Park is a conglomerate of research facilities, a place where applied and fundamental science work and you can see this process. It has a good influence on the urban environment of Utrecht. Floris de Gelder has a key role in organization of Utrecht Science Park and the city interaction and his experience is very interesting for us.