Sports divers club of Tomsk State University ( SCAT ) celebrate its 55th anniversary

Club SCAT ( Sport Club Scuba divers Tomsk ) , was created in Tomsk State University in 1959 by students Vadim Zhdanov , Vladimir Titov , Valery Menshikov , etc. Now the University Club is developing in two directions : fins swimming and underwater expeditions are headed by Peter Timchenko and Dmitry Vershinin . Permanent president of the club is Vadim Zhdanov .

Skat trained 62 masters of sports, 28 international masters of sport . Eight athletes were awarded the degree " Honored Master of Sports ." Athletes as part of the national team participated in 34 World and European Championships of fins swimming and have medals in each of it. At the World and European Championships club athletes have won 113 gold medals. 25 athletes set the world and Europe records.

SCAT team twice won the USSR Cup , four times won the Russian Cup and seven times was Europe champion among the clubs .

Club members conducted more than 150 expeditions, in which a combination of active recreation with performing a broad range of scientific and practical problems was successfully achieved. Club expeditions was attended by over 800 people.

The most important scientific results have been achieved : in oceanography and marine biology - biomapping in the Gulf Poseta Sea of Japan , study the trepang feeding process in vivo ; in limnology - control of freshwater sponges life in Lake Baikal ; ecology - the study of the basins bottom state of the of Central and South Siberia ; in underwater archeology - search and underwater photography " Turan petroglyphs " in Krasnoyarsk reservoir, survey the settlement balances at the bottom of Lake Issyk-Kul , searching of the church bell at the bottom of river Tom , survey of the cruiser "Emerald" remains, searching and investigation of the tragic fate of “Indigirka" passengers . The results of work were published in scientific journals , and a description of " Turan pisanitsa " was considered as the most important scientific discovery of the USSR Academy of Sciences in 1985.

SCAT club constantly carry out patriotic work aimed at the education of youth and performing historical research. More than 35 years it developed themes "Towards the military glory of the Russian Navy ," and since 2003 - "Tomsk trace in historical events ." Search of minelayer "Tomsk"? also were conducted some surveys in the vicinity of Sevastopol , Ochakov , Odessa, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky , Murmansk, Hasan settlement etc. that gave a lot of new material. The investigation of the Second World War sunk warships and aircraft on the Black Sea and in the lakes of the Murmansk region were made. There were collected samples of military equipment, which are transmitted to the Tomsk and Nikolaev museums.

These achievements became possible with developing the modern methods of training, creating unique sports equipment, gym, pressure chambers , diving tower , club museum , library , and also creating a system of motivation for achieving the best results . Russia Confederation of Underwater Activities has repeatedly acknowledged the club SCAT as the best Russian underwater sports club .

Through SCAT passed thousands of young people , and for each of them life in club was an important component of self-identity by the acquisition of new knowledge and collective coexistence skills.

At the photo: SCAT 2013 Yana Borisova , Polina Dronova, Anna Behr , Svyatoslav Dotsenko , Julia Veselova, Maria Radchenko , Dmitry Kostenko , Ilya Titov , Artem Mironov . The Cup of Russia. Bijsk .