TSU International Department of Management opens "double" master’s degree with Vilnius University

Doctor of social sciences from Vilnius University Larissa Belinskaya worked in May in TSU. She read a course of lectures to the International Department of Management "Enterprise risk management" students and also took part in the master's program discussion of the "dual" degree between TSU and International Business School in the "Management" direction. She is a program coordinator on the part of Lithuanian. Tomsk is represented by Olga Maslennikova, deputy director of the International Cooperation Center of International Department of Management.

- Last year we visited Vilnius University – said Olga Maslennikova - and in the process of dating knew that we have areas of potential cooperation with our colleagues from IBS. Whereas the TSU roadmap provides joint ventures in educational programs with other universities, we proposed to create such project. We have developed a "Environmental Management" program in English, with the teachers selected from the different TSU faculties. Vilnius University found a similar program - international marketing and trade, where the basic subjects are the same. The negotiations on the formation of integrated courses and conditions lasted six months. Then a cooperation agreement was signed and during the Larissa Belinskaya stay in Tomsk we revised some project aspects for joint work becoming a reality.

Now International Department of Management starts to enroll for the Double Degree Master Programs. Bachelors and specialists having a Management degree (diploma) can enter to this Master’s program. It is also necessary to have the knowledge of English, because courses in Lithuania will be read in a foreign language. The basic subjects - management and marketing trade - students will study in Vilnius and listen to the environmental part in the Tomsk State University. In accordance with the program terms, for the successful completion of training they will write two degree works of these thematic clusters. The master’s education last two years: one in Lithuania and one in Russia. It is worth to note that this year TSU announces a grant to cover the costs of travel and Tomsk accommodation for the "double" diploma program entering.

- The cooperation agreement between two universities is not only the program but also an active student and teacher exchange - said Larisa Belinskaya. - Now three of TSU students studying in Vilnius and I was the first teachers who came to Tomsk for reading a course of risk management. In addition to the master's program lectures and discussions, we had an interesting meeting with the TSU leadership, as well as with our scientific colleagues and identified a number of common research themes and future publications. In Soviet times between universities have very close ties, then, with the USSR collapse, it was lost. It is very important that recent years these contacts have started to recover. Despite the stereotypes and prejudices that exist in the minds of our countries citizens the reality is much more pleasant. Therefore, we should joint effort for the scientific and educational ties development. We need to destroy outdated stereotypes and move forward.

The reception of the Masters Admission applications has opened! You can ask the questions about studying master's program " Environmental Management"

Please call 8 (3822) 529-804 , email: pro-77@mail.ru or at Tomsk , Lenina Avenue, 49, office 421.

The Program Coordinator - Olga Maslennikova.

For more information , please visit : http://2degree.wix.com/double-degree