Maslenitsa at TSU: scarecrows contest, fist fights, and kissing games

TSU invites to celebrate University Maslenitsa: throughout the holiday week the Tomsk citizens waiting Maslenitsa scarecrows exhibition, master classes for unknown dishes of the Russian cuisine, and on Sunday - parade and festivities with cheerful fist fights and refreshments.

- Maslenitsa at TSU is a significant ethnographic reconstruction in the space of the modern city and the university - said Daniil Krapchunov the head of the TSU Laboratory of Social Identity. - TSU reveals what may become the basis for the revival of lost traditions. The most important thing to be done is to involve all citizens in Maslenitsa mystery. Therefore, all at the University Maslenitsa will be realistic and genuinely.

On February 20 , a Maslenitsa scarecrows competition has been launched. The first dolls from Sberbank and art-project Vasilyev Evening have already appeared in the University grove (the right side of the main building). In addition, Maslenitsa scarecrows by the Faculty of Informatics settled in the second building. All Tomsk citizens can bring their works to the contest, or to admire the stuffed already created by. Dolls are accepted until 12.00, February 26.

On February 23 from 16.00 , Maslenitsa master classes from art-project Vasilyev Evening and Street, youth studio of the Russian culture: baking pancakes, scarecrows manufacture, kissing games, and dances. Master classes will be held in the dormitory Sail (Buyanovsky Alley 3a).

On February 24 at 18:00 ,  in the dining room Bell Pepper of the Sail dormitory (Buyanovsky Alley 3a, 1st floor) will host a master class - lecture Maslenitsa without Pancakes from Maxim Syrnikov, the world famous chef and researcher of the Russian cuisine from St. Petersburg. He will teach to cook real Maslenitsa food: cheese pancakes and ears with cheese.

On February 26 from 12.00 , at the TSU stadium (str. Arkady Ivanov, 20) all TSU faculties will participate in an annual ski race. In addition, students will taste the pancakes and take part in relay races: jumping in bags, rope pulling, sledging and others. Children will be entertained by the animators at a special playground.

On February 26 at 14.00 , the festive parade will start at the University grove - TSU students will carry Maslenitsa scarecrow to the Mavlyukeevskoe Lake (Buyanovsky Alley 3a). It will take the popular vote and the winners of the contest for the best Maslenitsa will be announced.

- The laudation of newlyweds, reproving of unmarried, the drama Maslenitsa and Voivoda will be held during the folk festivals on Mavlyukeevskoe lake. Petrushka will amuse both children and adults, and the Bear, as usual, will fight with the Goat. Furthermore, guests can try their forces in snow shooting gallery, fight on a log, fist fights, fights wall-to-wall, and other popular amusements, - said Daniil Krapchunov.

In the Bell Pepper dining room at the same time, you can listen to an excursion at Russian literature about Maslenitsa from a Tomsk writer Vladimir Kostin.

Maslenitsa celebration will end with the burning of scarecrows.

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