Maslenitsa at TSU

On March 13 at the TSU stadium (20 Arkady Ivanov Ave.) the University will host Maslenitsa (Pancake Week), where everyone will be able not only to taste the traditional pancakes, but also to participate in the fun relay races, rope pulling and the traditional mysteries of Maslenitsa. Only here on the day of Maslenitsa will be wall-to-wall fist-fighting and fisticuffs competitions. In addition, everyone will be able here to participate in establishing a new world record on ice water dousing.

From 10.00 to 12.00 TSU will hold the championship of ski racing among faculties.

At 12.00 - the Awakening action: Tomsk residents intend to set a new world record for mass dousing with cold water. Anyone can take part in the event, the registration of participants starts at 11.30.

At 13.00 the University will start the traditional sport part of Maslenitsa: everyone can take part in a fun relay race, which includes competitions in running in sacks, throwing plates, sledging and buns, and improvised wooden skis and others.

At 14.00 TSU will hold a Cup for pulling the rope.

From 14.00 everyone can take part in Maslenitsa mystery, organized in conjunction with the art project Vasiliev Evening

The programme includes:

- Circle dances with the original songs that sounded centuries earlier at Maslenitsa;

- Kissing games,

- Real wall-to-wall fist fighting and fisticuffs competitions

- Petrushka Theatre: Bear comedy with the participation of a goat.

In addition, during the celebration there will be held a competition for creating traditional scarecrows of Maslenitsa, and the celebration will completed with farewell to winter. 

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