Methods of TSU physicists help solve the problems of string theory

Scientists from the Faculty of Physics took part in an event at the Munich Institute for Astro- and Particle Physics (MIAPP, Munich). The methods presented by Tomsk physicists can be a starting point for joint research with their German colleagues.

The main topic of the event was the problem describing elementary particles with higher spins. TSU representatives presented on methods of quantization and research of gauge theories - physical models underlying the current models of fundamental interactions.

- We have our own approach, our vision of the problem. We have developed common methods that can be used for quantization of a broad class of physical models, including higher-spin theory. And now we are trying to apply our methods of quantization to some problems of string field theory, together with colleagues from Munich, - says Alexey Sharapov, professor of the Faculty of Physics.

It should be noted that the Department of Quantum Field Theory of the Faculty of Physics has been engaged in this area for many years, and research results are constantly published in the leading international journals.