New online TSU courses will begin on Coursera

Training in three more open online courses by Tomsk State University on the platform Coursera will begin before New Years.

The online course Innovations in Industry: Mechatronics and Robotics was launched on December 22. It focuses on the overall basic foundations of robotics for undergraduate students as an introduction to their future profession. The course content covers a wide range of issues, from the classification of industrial robots, control systems, kinematics, and robot adaptation to the robotic technological systems used in various industries.

The course Read Russian classics together: M. Bulgakov’s "Master and Margarita" will start 26 December. It focuses on mastering in joint teacher-student ventures in a universal phased model of work with literary text, which can be used to form semantic skills in reading an artistic work. These skills are significant in real communication as well as in training activities (in native and foreign languages). The work of Mikhail Bulgakov "Master and Margarita" was chosen for the formation of skills in semantic reading as a representative of the golden fund of world culture.

The online course Sketches of Siberia, City of Tomsk: Russian as a foreign language for international students will start on 29 December. The course is built on texts about the ancient Siberian city Tomsk and the Tomsk region. This course will be interesting for everyone who wants to improve their Russian language and are interested in Siberia. Students will be able to practice different kinds of speech activity in Russian (listening, reading, writing), expand vocabulary, including words usually not found in common textbooks of Russian as a foreign language, and improve grammar.

Education for all online courses is free of charge. During the training students have the opportunity to communicate with teachers and other students on the forum.  All three courses are taught in the Russian language. 

TSU online courses are available at Coursera 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

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