On May 27,TSU invites you to the festival How do I get to the Library?

The festival will be held on Saturday, May 27 from 13.00 to 17.00 at the TSU Research Library and in the adjacent area. At the centre of attention will be the book as a phenomenon and the library as a translator of this phenomenon, connected through the word with reading and education, science and creativity. The word can be written, pronounced, played, and sketched...

The following sites will be offered to guests:

Excursions to the Museum of the Book. The staff of the Department of Manuscripts and Book Monuments will describe how the initial fund of the library of the Imperial Tomsk University was formed, what famous book collections formed the basis for it, and what rare publications make the Tomsk State University Research Library “the book treasury of Siberia”.

Excursions to the book depository of the main fund. The Library building constructed in 1914 included a book depository equipped in accordance with the technical achievements of that time. The staff of the main fund department will demonstrate how the repository functions now and which book collections of professors who worked at Tomsk University were transferred to the library fund for subsequent generations of students, teachers, and researchers.

Excursion to the exhibition “Encyclopedia of Siberian Studies”. For the 175th anniversary of G.K. Tyumentsev, a prominent representative of the Tomsk intelligentsia of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and a bibliophile and a local historian, an exposition of publications from a book collection stored in the Research Library was organized. A special section exhibits the famous owner's convolutes: “Collections of articles on Siberia and the countries adjacent to it”, which contains collections of various documents - articles, brochures, maps, and artwork on Siberian themes.

The Living Library. Here, the present-day owners of book collections will gather to talk about why their personal libraries are interesting.

“Let us break it down into atoms” and “Scientific readings”. The Information Centre for Atomic Energy (Tomsk) will offer guests fascinating talk shows and reading aloud, popularizing scientific knowledge.

Comics as the Mythology of Modernity. Dmitry Konkov, Associate Professor of the Faculty of History, will give a lecture, and then he will conduct the intellectual game “The Trial of a Superhero”.

“It depends on how to say it: we play Shukshin's prose”. The book lives when it is read, but how can you read the same text differently and how can you make prose work? This will be talked about and shown by specialists from the doll theatre and actor Skomorokh named for R. Windermann.

A Place for the Book. An audio-visual performance in which a book-art-object will be created, presented by the entertainment centre Aelita.

Open microphone. Reading aloud excerpts from your favorite books in a free format verses.

An exhibition of illustrations by Aksinya Sarycheva for the novel by Alain Robbe-Grillet “Dans le labyrinthe”. Graphics, drawing.

“Recognize yourself”. Vyacheslav Shvedov will create sketches and cartoons from nature.

Our Heritage. A demonstration of video films about the Research Library.

Free Shelf: Book exchange. An abstract from the owner is welcome: how the book appeared, what is associated with this book, and what quotes became beloved.

Sound installation “Reading room”. And this is an intrigue. Come and see.

“Music forever”. Kedrosound is with us.

“In the background…”. A photo for memories.