On November 23, TSU will show an art mystery with English subtitles

On November 23, as part of the forum Russian Seasons 2016, an art mystery Blizzard, based on the creation by the same name by Alexander Pushkin, will be hosted at the Concert Hall of the TSU Cultural Centre. The show will be accompanied by English subtitles.

Art mystery is a mixing of everyday scenes and mystical drama, a mixing of different styles and types of art. One scene will have words from Russian classics, ancient songs of Western Siberia, hymns, and romance, and folk and academic musical instruments.

The Russian culture in all its diversity is presented here: a dynamic plot, a history full of shocks, almost a tragedy, and happy deliverance from sorrow. All you need to know for understanding "these weird Russians" is in the art mystery based on the novel by Alexander Pushkin, Blizzard.u18v-v7cvmc.jpg