On the birthday of TSU, the University Grove will be a science park

On May 26, the birthday of Tomsk State University, a science park will open in the University Grove. Visitors will be able to assemble a robot, learn how to write Chinese hieroglyphics, learn more about asteroids, and type on an old Singer typewriter.

The science park is timed for the centenary of the physical–mathematical and historical philological education at TSU, and the Grove will be divided into two halves: Technology and Humanities.

- We’ll introduce the students and staff and the guests of the University to the faculties of our University and the facilities of the laboratories, - said Igor Muraviev, director of the Cultural Centre. - Of course, not all equipment will be there - it is impossible to perform on a big microscope or a supercomputer in the Grove. But the available technologies, understandable to the viewer, will be presented. You can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of science.

The Mystery of Dance will perform historical European dances to the music of the folk band “Pereplut” in front of the main building, where will be an improvised stage.

16 sites will be in the Grove:

The Giant Asteroid. Students of the Faculty of Physics will talk about the myths of the asteroid threat. Guests will be able to find out how likely a large meteorite falling to the Earth is and take a picture near the model of an asteroid. Pieces of meteorites that fell on our planet will also be presented.

Physical curiosities. Experiments from the Faculty of Physics: a fiery tornado, a Tesla installation, work with liquid nitrogen, and others.

Topological entertainment. Math games and riddles.

The eye of the Terminator. A demonstration of an installation that allows you to look through walls.

Let's get to know robotics. Master classes on assembling robots of varying complexity; a motorcycle and quadrocopters, and a demonstration of how they are managed by phone.

Pimp your brains! The study of the cerebral cortex using an electroencephalographic complex, brain scanning activities, and identifying capabilities.

Feel yourself a philologist. Games and riddles about rarely used words in the Russian language.

This is China. Master class from the Confucius Institute for writing hieroglyphs and participation in a real Chinese tea ceremony. Visitors will be able to get acquainted with the cultural traditions of China.

Book break. A book exchange where you can take a look at the manuals and teaching aids of the faculties.

Sentimental journey. An exhibition of photographs of graduates of the Faculty of Philology.

ProFEEL /Actiсa. Participants will act out tasks that they will receive from the audience in a dramatic form.

Open Air English. A master class to learn English in an entertaining way.

Back to the past. At this site, Tomsk residents can be photographed in costumes of different historical epochs.

Secrets of Frau Singer. A master class for printing on real vintage typewriters.

Secrets of museum exhibits. Viewing artifacts from the TSU Museum of Archeology and Ethnography.

Literary drawing room. The finals of the city contest of readers will be held here.

All sites will operate on May 26 from 16.00 to 20.00 in the University Grove. XXX maybe a few more words about the location or how to find it, not everyone knows

The admission is free.

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