Participants of the programme Be Healthy walked half the Equator

TSU has summed up the programme Be Healthy: The results of the second control point show that over three months, students and employees took more than 28.5 million steps or 20,000 km, which equals half of the Equator. Evgeny Gumenyuk, a student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, again became the leader – in three months he walked more than a 1,500 kilometers.

In March, 100 employees and students of TSU who were the first participants of the project Be Healthy received fitness bracelets in order to monitor and regulate the intensity of their physical activity during the year. By June, the number of participants increased to 167, 75 of them students and 92 employees.

- When I started to wear a fitness bracelet, I set the norm at 10,000 steps a day, it's about 7 km, - says Tatyana Demeshkina, the dean of the Faculty of Philology. - At first, I just wanted to know how much I'm moving during the day, and now I can already consciously control it, for example, I go home on foot and try to go in for sports, because health is really important.

Now the leaders can choose one of the bonuses and inform the union about their decision - it can be a subscription to the swimming pool, fitness, payment for the bracelet to the participants who bought themselves the gadget, and other prizes.

 The next control points of the project Be Healthy will be held at six months and one year.