Radio vision made a device to search for people under the rubble

Ilya Tseplyaev, a postgraduate student at the Faculty of Radiophysics, an engineer at the university small innovative enterprise Radiovision, took the first place in the 5th All-Russian competition of scientific and technical projects Innovative Radio Electronics. He presented the device to search for people behind obstacles and won a grant.

- Every year dozens of catastrophes occur in the world: earthquakes, collapses, landslides, debris, and fires. Hundreds and thousands of people become their victims. In addition to major disasters, terrorist attacks are increasingly occurring. Regardless of the scale of the incident in such situations, there is an acute problem of saving lives, - said Ilya Tseplyaev. - As a rule, such emergency situations lead to significant destruction, and the search and rescue of people in such conditions become a very difficult task. Thus, it is necessary to have devices capable of remotely, quickly, and accurately locating people behind obstacles. Radiodozor-M solves this problem.

The device developed by a team of TSU scientists allows real-time detection of moving and immobile people behind reinforced concrete, brick walls and other building structures, and also under smoke spread and rubble.

- The algorithm of determining a person location is based on the focusing of ultra-wideband signals reflected from objects. In addition, the algorithm provides filtering of these signals from fixed objects. Data processing is carried out 10 times per second, and it allows you to monitor the movement or position of a person in real time. If a person cannot move, then the device monitors the chest oscillations during breathing and thus determines the location of the person, for example, under a blockage, explained Sergey Shipilov, the research supervisor of the graduate student, associate professor of the Faculty of Radiophysics.

Now the Israeli company Camero is the world leader in the market for detecting people behind obstacles. Radiodozor-M has parameters that are not inferior, and in some cases surpass its products. Distinctive features of the Tomsk device are the ability to probe the affected area at a distance of up to 30 meters, high resolution, and the ability to search for people by breathing.