Researchers from 14 countries come up with Big Data problem solutions

Researchers from 14 countries work at TSU at the International Conference Information Technologies and Mathematical Modeling named after Terpugov A.F.. They are working to find solutions for the following problems, improvement of the facial recognition system, uninterrupted cellular communications, Big Data analysis, optimisation of transport solutions, and other problems in the theory of mass service. Within the framework of the conference the Workshop on Retrial Queues and Related Topics is held. For the first time in 20 years of its history, it is held in Russia.

During the week, September 10-15, more than 30 international and 70 Russian participants will do their reports on various aspects of information technology and mathematical modelling.

Most of the works are devoted to finding the most rational solutions for the service system based on the investigation of thread requirements. For example, mathematicians make mathematical models for the successful operation of a face recognition system in public transport or supplier selection in order management; calculate the optimal route for removal of solid municipal waste and present an algorithm for detecting road surface defects using mobile video measurements.

- In the future, mathematical models will become the basis of protocols that regulate the activities of any systems or devices, explains Svetlana Moiseeva, one of the conference organisers.

The conference also includes a symposium Workshop on Retrial Queues and Related Topics dedicated to queuing systems with repeated orders and the theory of reliability. For the first time this scientific event was held in 1998 in Madrid at the initiative of an outstanding scientist in the field of queuing theory, Artaleho J. R. The goal of the symposium is to promote research and encourage interaction in the field of queuing theory and related issues. It took place in Minsk, Amsterdam, Athens, Beijing, Tokyo. After the performance of Tomsk researchers Anatoly Nazarov and Alexander Moiseyev in Amsterdam in 2016, the organisers offered to hold the next symposium at TSU.

- It is a great honour for our university to hold this symposium, it is a recognition of the merits of our scientific school on the theory of mass service, - says Professor Svetlana Moiseeva - The organisers of the symposium are Tomsk State University and Amsterdam Free University, 35 world-class scientists take part in it.

The conference covers the following topics: new information technologies, achievements and prospects; mathematical and computer modelling of technological processes; intellectual analysis and data visualisation; Big Data processing; modelling of telecommunication networks and teletraffic; queuing theory and its application; numerical methods and simulation modelling; the use of Web technologies in research and educational process; the use of information technology and mathematical modelling in engineering, science, and economics.