TSU scientists are taking part in the power agencies developments exhibition

In the period from 20 to 23 May Moscow host exhibition "Logistics Support For Power Agencies”, organized by the Ministry of Defence. The Non-Profit Partnership Technology Platform "Modelling and Operation Technologies of the High-Tech Systems is an exhibition partner. Non-Profit Partnership organizes the Multistend formation dedicated to the innovative technologies used in the framework of the Lifecycle Management of Weapons and Military Special Equipment” creation.

- Currently, we have a group of our scientists, headed by Director of the Institute PMM Anatoly Glazunov on the exhibition - says the TSU acting rector on scientific work Ivan Ivonin . - Tomsk State University presents a few developments. There are some works for the new class of high-energy materials containing ultrafine metal powders creation. Among the our exhibits are developments for the creation of the propulsion with deep traction control circuitry and the development of an integrated system for the gas-dynamic and heat and mass transfer processes in the solid propellant rocket engine determination.

In addition, in the field of space research TSU conducts complex modeling and development of large transformable spacecraft constructions , and works in the field of high-precision modeling of the artificial satellites and space debris systems dynamics. These works are aimed to provide the state needs such as sensing of Earth's surface , the organization of full Russia coverage television and mobile communications.

Tomsk State University exposition is placed in the central pavilion of the exhibition. On the May 22 it will be visited by the Defense Ministry leadership.

- The evidence of TSU developments demand and relevance is the fact that the University was the first Russia university, included in the consortium for high-energy systems and materials studying, - says Ivan Ivonin . – In the field of this Consortium our university will conduct some research and developments, high-qualified personnel training and professional development programs. for the enterprises and rocket and space industry organizations