Scientific Library will have new space for researchers

The second phase of renovation of the Scientific Library of Tomsk State University has begun. In November and December, there will be large-scale repairs that will help to establish a research space, replace outdated designs, improve the learning environment, and implement regulations on fire safety. The renovation will take place gradually and will be completed by the new year. At the same time, the  Library will not stop its work, and all its services will be available to readers.

- In the next five years, our library should become a centre for active support of education and science, becoming a conductor of the changes undergone by the university today in ways to enhance its global status, - says Mikhail Shepel, Director of Scientific Library of TSU. - Projecting the design and functional purposes of the premises, we tried to keep in mind the question of how to improve the quality of education and science at the university, to find spaces that are missing now for our key users - students, teachers and scientists - from the point of view of modern requirements and conditions.

A year ago, as a result of the first phase of renovation of the space, the Scientific Library was equipped with a small conference room, a 24/7 information center, the new location for the bibliographic information centre, exhibition space in the administrative lobby and the old library, and areas for relaxing and communicating. The second phase of updates includes repairs of the lobby (at the entrance to the new building), the wardrobe, some classrooms, the department of computer technology, and the delivery desk. In addition, the windows  in the stairways and halls of the second and fourth floors of the new building will be renovated and the reading room of natural, physical, mathematical and technical sciences literature will be replaced with a space for researchers.

- A key element of the second phase of the update of the Library is a new space for researchers, - said the Director.  - This project aims to develop infrastructure to support advanced forms of scientific work and to integrate the Library’s information services in the research process. It will create a special general research area, allowing the development of joint activities and project work, and simultaneous restructuring of the existing library information services towards greater integration in the research process.

The design of the new space is being developed in cooperation with well-known Russian designer Alexander Faerman in cooperation with the Tomsk company Dom Design. According to Mikhail Shepel, space will be allocated for individual research work and work in project teams, including rooms designed for one or two people, small rooms for group work, and a large presentation room for meetings and discussions. All of this will be equipped with modern computers with an advanced software package, as well as with equipment for presentations and videoconferences. In addition, the number of services available to researchers will expand, including services to support research and training seminars on topical issues that are important to increase publication activity. The research area will also have an extensive fund of reference materials, and there will be magazines.